At MetaSearch inc. we understand how important it is for companies to be able to recruit and retain top talent, which is why we have set out to be more than just your typical recruitment agency.

To help you reach the right person for the job, we offer a number of recruitment solutions - all at a fraction of the cost of conventional recruitment consultancies and much more effective than traditional media. Our services include:

  • Job Posting Service
    Target top talent and grow your company. Our Job Posting Service reaches the right candidates only - not everyone. Contact and market your positions to hundreds of industry specific recruiters and recruiting firms, career websites and Internet directories. Imagine posting all of your positions to the MetaSearch site and literally within a day or even hours receive candidates who have been analyzed, interviewed and ranked according to your job profile.
  • Electronic Candidate Screening & Candidate Database Search.
    Save time by reading only relevant resumes. We analyze candidate profiles and rank and present only the top candidates according to your job profile and company culture.
  • Face-to-Face Interviews & Selection.
    We offer our clients web based interview capability allowing them to pre-screen candidates before meeting them in person.
  • Our goal is to work closely with our clients and build partnerships with them, so that we can offer responsive, innovative solutions to their recruitment needs and help employers recruit and retain exceptional talent.

    For more information on MetaSearch inc. and the services outlined above, please e-mail our sales team at or contact us on 415.256.2900.

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