Arista Software AristaSoft Corporation is a industry-focused application service provider (ASP), offering complete, integrated IT solutions designed to meet the specific needs of emerging high tech equipment companies. 
Astrology Delve in deeper than your daily horoscope. Forecast your future, peruse your love potential, link your past lives to your present and explore your destiny! Choose from over 30 full-length personalized astrological reports. 
Black Pearl Our focus is on giving our customers a software platform that allows them to create not just self-service offerings, but a greatly profitable, value-added presence on the Net. Their collective expertise can be brought to bear in electronic markets allowing customers to make more intelligent transactions more often.
Brodia Brodia simplifies and organizes online shopping, helping consumers find what they are looking for while protecting their privacy and eliminating unwanted marketing. Brodia offers its free service in partnership with financial institutions, affinity and community groups.
Diversinet Diversinet is a global leader in securing transactions and messages involving wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, PDAs, and portable computers. The company provides the infrastructure that wireless software applications need for secure, confidential and authenticated transactions. Whether it is the proof-of-transaction needed for mobile commerce, the approval authentication needed for enterprise automation, or the permission verification needed for business-to-business purchasing, Diversinet software delivers the necessary end-to-end confidentiality and security.
Electric Knowledge The Company founders, Edwin Cooper and Bryan Sivak, combine backgrounds in Computational Linguistics, Information Retrieval and Artificial Intelligence, which skills have enabled them to envision a radically new architecture for solving the NLIR problem. The Founders met while students at the University of Chicago, and began full time work on the design of Electric Knowledge search technology in January of 1998. Evite, Inc. was established in 1997 to help groups mobilize around events using the most powerful aspects of the Internet. Evite, Inc. is a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA. The team shares a single-minded passion to change the way people get together -- whether it's for fun, work, or a social cause -- by opening new avenues to group decision-making and purchasing power.
Flyswat Flyswat delivers whatever you're looking for -- fast! It instantly transforms "key words" on the Web or desktop into live links that allow you to click directly to the Web’s most relevant resources. Formed in 1999, InsureZone was funded by Buena Venture Associates with a mission to quickly and easily enable financial institutions, web portals, and other businesses to offer insurance services to their customers nationwide.
IPRO Engage, Inc. is a multichannel marketing company that helps marketers and publishers synchronize messages across media. Based in Andover, Massachusetts, Engage is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI.
Job Jobscience provides healthcare professionals a forum for discovering new career opportunities by identifying open positions among America's premier health providers and research companies.
MedChannel MedChannel is a technology infrastructure company focusing on optimizing the medical supply chain. MedChannel is building a collaborative healthcare network to provide technology and value-added services to increase efficiency, drive value, and reduce costs for all participants in the healthcare industry.
NetFish Netfish Technologies gives connected businesses the fastest path to A2A and B2B integration, both inside and outside the enterprise. Netfish systems are distinguished by unusually high performance and scalability backed by a robust, mission-critical architecture.
Oceania Oceania has attracted and retained both experienced clinicians and technological innovators to develop the informatics software company. The synergy of these talents results in software solutions that are rich in clinical content, intuitive to use, and adaptable to diverse clinical environments.
Our Get to know us. And get everything for your home - over 40,000 products, expert advice in home décor, gardening, and home improvement, plus reliable service professionals who will go to work for you. What's more, is partnered with Ace Hardware - a company that brings over 75 years of home improvement experience ó to us, and ultimately, to you.
Portera At Portera, we understand that service-oriented businesses want to spend 100 percent of their time focused on providing value for their clients. But with all the behind-the-scenes effort and resources required to keep a business running smoothly, this desire often goes unrealized. That’s exactly why Portera was founded.
The Savage Beast Savage Beast Technologies is creating a new standard for excellence by becoming the first music search and recommendation company that understands why people like particular music. Savage Beast musicologists (musicians with extensive training in music theory) break down each musical selection into several hundred musical characteristics, or "genes," that together compose the musical DNA of the piece. By understanding each subtle element that comprises a piece of music, Savage Beast is able to identify why consumers like particular songs and artists, enabling the company to introduce consumers to exciting, new music by providing quality recommendations that fit their personal music tastes. Spark Online is a pioneer in the creation of enabling technologies for e-marketplaces, with an initial focus on the online advertising vertical market. The Spark Online product and service offering includes business applications which automate workflow for channel participants.
Rivio Rivio helps small businesses run more efficiently by providing an operations infrastructure that connects people to results. Working with our channel partners, we provide small business customers with a fully integrated, Web-based suite of business services. Along with these services are a broad range of products from leading providers. Rivio Business Services helps small companies realize their true business potential by enabling the flow of work and ideas throughout their organizations. From Ahlberg and Roth’s original passion for creating interactive programming was born what experts predict will be the future of entertainment – the convergence of old and new media into a real-time, truly interactive experience for mass audiences.
World is a premier Internet and Yellow Pages directory company, providing online and print directory advertising, content and Web services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

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